17.02.2014 PBM Graphics News

Short run package production is a reality

PBM can now produce packaging in smaller quantities than offset. The flexibility of more frequent, smaller press runs overcomes the supply chain pressures of growing SKU diversity, seasonal redesigns, niche segmentation, test marketing, and serialization. Additionally, software for personalization and variable data brings opportunities for customization of information and graphics that will greatly increase the interest of the end-user. This new technology is perfect for high-quality custom packaging for the hardware and automotive, housewares and small appliance, cosmetics and fragrance, and healthcare industries.

Especially designed for folding carton production, the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press combines the quick setup and easy integration of a 29-inch sheetfed format that can print on all types off-the-shelf paperboard, metalized board and plastics up to 24 point with seven ink stations. These features allow almost any carton, sleeve or blister application can be produced with offset-matching print quality.